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The United State of America, commonly known as the United States (U.S. or U.S.A. or America) is a country primarily located in North America. It has 50 states and 5 major self-governing territories. The capital of the U.S. is Washington, D.C. (District Colombia). The currency of the USA in US Dollar. The population of the USA is approximately 331 million. It is the 3rd. largest country in terms of population after China and India.
California is the largest state in the U.S.A. with a population of 3.95 Corers approximately. Popular language to be spoken in the USA is English and Spanish. If anybody is going to the U.S.A. he must visit these popular cities New York, San Francisco, The Grand Canyon, Houston, Las Vegas, Waikiki, Washington D.C., Miami, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Utah’s National Parks, Orlando/Kissimmee, Chicago, Phoenix, Savannah, Boston, etc.

States of USA:-

1). Alabama- Montgomery
2). Alaska- Juneau
3). Arizona- Phoenix
4). Arkansas-Little Rock
5). California:- Sacramento
6). Colorado- Denver
7). Connecticut- Hartford
8). Delaware- Dover
9). Florida- Tallahassee
10). Georgia-Atlanta
11). Hawaii- Honolulu
12). Idaho-Boise
13). Illions- Springfield
14). Indiana- Indianapolis
15).Lowa:- Des monies
16). Kansas-Topeka
17). Kentucky- Frankfort
18). Louisiana-Baton Rouge
19). Maine- Augusta
20). Maryland-Annapolis
21). Massachusetts- Boston
22). Michigan- Lansing
23). Minnesota- St. Paul
24). Mississippi-Jackson
25). Missouri-Jefferson City
26). Montana-Helena
27). Nebraska- Lincoln
28). Nevada- Carson City
29). New Hampshire- Concord
30). New Jersey-Trento
31). New Mexico-Santa Fe
32). New York- Albany
33). North California-Raleigh
34). North Dakota-Bismarck
35). Ohio- coulombs
36). Oklahoma- Oklahoma city
37). Oregon- Salem
38). Pennsylvania- Harrisburg
39). Rhode Island-Providence
40). South California- Columbia
41). South Dakota-Pierre
42). Tennessee- Nashville
43). Texas- Austin
44). Utah- Salt Lake City
45). Vermont- Montpelier
46). Virginia-Richmond
47). Washington- Olympia
48). West Virginia- Charleston
49). Wisconsin- Madison
50). Wyoming-Cheyenne

Why International Students Choose to go to U.S.A. for Higher Studies:-

The United State of America hosts the most number of international students in the world. The international students decide to go to U.S.A. because of Quality of Education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment, abundant opportunities etc. They have excellent programmes in all disciplines they have to offer.
The country has more than a million international students studying at top ranked universities. By studying in American University I can take many advantages like I can explore vast academic opportunities, I will get improve career opportunities in U.S.A. as well as in my home county, my English speaking will also improve as English is the main language of teaching in USA and I can get the international experience in my CV while doing Job with my studies etc.

Some Famous Universities of U.S.A.:-

1). Harvard University- Cambridge
2). Stanford University- Stanford
3). Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Cambridge
4). University of California- Berkeley
5). Columbia University – New York
6). University of California- Los Angles
7). Yale University- New Haven
8). Princeton University- Princeton
9). Cornell University-Ithaca
10). University of Pennsylvania -Philadelphia


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2). Spring Intake:- January
3). Summer Intake:- May

Courses Available:

1). Associate Degree:- Duration- 2 Years
2). Bachelor
3). Master

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